Calcutta Rescue Fund

Good karma and a very good cause!

Ever since Beatles and the Magic Bus arrived in India in the 1960s, people have gone to the sub continent to find themselves, to find God, to find love…

But for the past 30 years, travellers arriving in Calcutta have found something else – Calcutta Rescue.

This extraordinary charity was set up in 1980 by a single British doctor, Dr Jack Preger

He was determined to do all he could to help the multitudes living in desperate poverty on the streets and in the slums with no access to healthcare and education and support.

Last year the charity touched the lives of over 125,000 people, providing medical treatment and health education at its clinics, immunisations for 3,000 children and education for 500 children at its two schools.

It has taken a leading role in the city in providing treatment for drug resistant HIV and TB, and for people suffering from leprosy. Its outreach teams go out into the outlying slums and rural areas around the city bringing vital health education messages that save the lives of babies as well as improving the health and prosperity of whole communities.

Calcutta Rescue also provides vocational training and employment through its Fairtrade handicraft project and through spinning and weaving clothing for patients.  And at the age of 80, Dr Jack is still out in Kolkata personally running the HIV project and helping guide the charity in any way he can. 

Calcutta Rescue really is an amazing charity – something finally recognised last year when it was named medium sized charity of the year at the Indian NGO Awards.  Its survival and success is due in no small part to the support of a steady stream of travellers from all round the world who went to India in search of something else and stumbled across one of the charity’s make-shift clinics in a crowded back street or beside the burning ghat at Nimtolla on the banks of the Hoogly river.

Moved by what they saw, they rolled up their sleeves and helped in any way they could for a few days or weeks. And when they got home, they set up support groups, such as Calcutta Rescue Fund in the UK, to collect donations and recruit expert volunteers to keep the projects running.

Calcutta Rescue is very grateful to the makers of Tantric Tourists their support.

If you have been amused or moved by the film’s portrayal of life in India and would like to do something to help improve the lives of the poorest of the poor, then please consider supporting the work of Calcutta Rescue. 

Find out more at call Karen Gleave on 07779 259393 or email

Calcutta Rescue Fund  UK Registered Charity No 290017

Tantric Tourists are proud to be supporting the Calcutta Rescue Fund.


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