Meet Andrea Durham (who’s not really in the film much)

1 Dec
All aboard! This way for love!
Name:  Andrea Durham
What made you decide to take Laurie’s trip?:
It has turned out to be a combination of things. I am looking forward to India as a travel experience and I’m excited about the spiritual aspect of the trip. In addition, I am originally from Trinidad of African and Indian ancestry.  Some of my ancestors were taken from India and sent to the Caribbean and South America as indentured labor.  In my research I found that many of these indentured laborers were taken from the areas where we will be traveling. I also plan to go to Kolkata and Chennai, the two main points of departure those who were indentured. So it’s also my own personal puja.

Have you ever been to India before? What are your expectations of the country?:
I’ve never been to India. I’m not sure what to expect but I am open to whatever is there.

What do you hope to gain from the experience, have you set yourself goals for the trip?:
I have no set goals but would like to know myself better, gain a greater understanding of the world through the perspective of India and honor my ancestors.
Are you expecting to have a spiritual transformation?:
I have no set expectations and am open to whatever happens.
What is your intention in life?  Do you have a personal motto?:
My intention in life is to live as authentically as possible, to know myself and seek truth and love. I believe how you treat others is a greater reflection on you than on them so treat people well. I don’t really have a personal motto but in some small way I would like to leave the world a better place than I found it.
What have been your biggest personal challenges in life so far?:
Leaving Trinidad at age 8 for the US. Having 2 major surgeries in a 10 month period.
How did you become interested in Tantra, is it something you have to keep private, if so, from whom?:
I am new to Tantra but consider it a continuing part of my spiritual journey. I was drawn to the idea of integrating all parts of myself including my sexuality and using all of my energies to achieve my goals. In my experience, other spiritual teachings either do not address sexuality and/or sexual energy or address it inadequately as a part of overall spirituality.  Like the rest of my spiritual life it is not something I publicize but I do not hide it.
Have you been on TV before? Are you willing to talk about yourself on camera?
No. Yes, but nothing too personal.
Age: 40
Interests: Dancing, Movies, Travel
Work situation: Attorney
Relationship status: Single

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